Paperwork Bundle: $49


Why start from scratch when building your photography business? And why spend your precious time on crafting boring contract wording, when you would much rather have a camera in your hand?


This paperwork bundle especially for boudoir photographers includes a general client contract, a separate risk and privacy waiver, client pre-shoot and post-shoot questionnaires, and two different model releases -- one for paying clients, and one for barter/TF model sessions. (The version for paying clients has different release options to make sure your client is comfortable with exactly how her images will be used, and the TF release has strong language to protect you in the event a model changes her mind after the fact.) Plus we are now including a special bonus with this package: an SEO cheat sheet to help you get your photography website really working for you!


Please note: These contracts are templates only, meant to be used as a framework/starting point to be adapted for your unique business model. These agreements were not written by an attorney (though they were approved by one) and must not be construed as legal advice. Because every jurisdiction and business situation is different, all contracts should be reviewed by an attorney before being used in your business to ensure that your local laws are being followed, and that your particular business is protected.


The zipped files are in .docx format, so you may alter these templates including adding your own branding, name and business name, and add/remove language as you see fit, to work with how you run your own photography business. Again, be sure to have an attorney review your final agreement.