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If you're here, I don't even have to tell you, pricing is hard. We are artists, right? We don't like numbers! We love what we do, and we sometimes can't help but feel guilty charging for it. Not to mention, society doesn't respect us as real professionals. If they did, why would they try to negotiate prices with us all the time, even asking us to work for free (or for "exposure.") Everybody has a digital camera these days, why would they pay us? They seem to think that what we do is as easy as pressing a button, and that our fancy cameras do all the work.


In addition, portrait pricing is a different animal from pricing for event, landscape, still life, stock, or commercial photography. And boudoir / glamour is a specialty niche with its own set of variables. I've seen photographers struggle with this one aspect of business more than perhaps any other since the beginning of my career. Frankly, I was one of them. The first four years of my photography career, I made frighteningly little money for working way more hours than I should have been putting in, considering I had a family to raise on top of everything else. But one day, after doing my taxes and discovering just how hard I was really working for so very little, I got desperate and crazy enough to change everything about my pricing. I put in my research, swallowed my pride, asked people who knew better, revisited the few marketing and sales seminars I had taken, and took a huge leap of faith (or maybe it was more like a swan-dive off a cliff). Since then, I've refined my methods over time, and my business has come to a place where I have both a lovely work-life balance and a secure future. I've helped other photographers re-work their pricing for greater profitability through my private mentoring classes, and I still see so many out there struggling, ready to give up and go "get a day job"... or some who've been working at it for years and have still never made enough money to leave their day jobs in the first place. The worst part is that this feeling of being overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated leaves them now dreading and hating the work they once enjoyed with such passion.


Bad pricing leads to broken spirits and creative drudgery, my friends. So, for the sake of your art, for the sake of your clients, and for the sake of your sanity and peace of mind, you need to get a handle on your pricing. I'm here to help. Enter, The Naked Truth (About Your Prices)


So, what is The Naked Truth?



The Naked Truth is actually four ebooks in one. It is...



1) A workbook to discover your true costs of doing business and turn that into a pricing menu that achieves your business and lifestyle goals.


2) A primer on the psychology of pricing so you can understand the "why" of how you are pricing yourself and more importantly, of how your client makes buying decisions.


3) A self-help book to overcome your limiting beliefs, excuses, and money blocks so that you can present your prices with calm confidence and make the sale.


4) A treasure-trove of dos, don'ts, mistakes, and best practices in pricing.


Now that you know what this book IS, let me reassure you about what it is NOT.


This book is NOT a fluff-piece. It is not filled with images, nor is it a thinly-disguised long-form sales letter designed to get you to buy a more expensive book or course. It is not an edict of "Here is how much you should be charging, period." It is not a feel-good piece full of BS, either. It does not accept your excuses, and it does not say "you can charge whatever you want and still be successful." It does not coddle you, it does not judge you. It does not beat you up (though it may give you a needed kick in the ass). It tells some hard truths, then gives you a framework within which you can determine what works for your business, your goals, and your life.


If you want to figure out this pricing thing, once and for all, and are ready to take a leap of faith and learn something new (which may require you to UN-learn some old stuff, by the way), then click ADD TO CART, below, and let's get started!



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"Natalie's ebook on pricing is a true and realistic breakdown of how to price yourself for today's boudoir photography market. Whether you are just starting out, or you are a seasoned veteran in the boudoir photography world, Natalie has taken the time to create an ebook that every photographer should have when it comes to the needed steps to figure your pricing properly for you. She details the mistakes every blooming photographer makes and the money blocks every human has. Everyone needs to read this. The worksheet that is included gets you to the core of what you need to make to give you the life you want financially. She then takes time to explain how to implement your numbers into a pricing set up that will work for you. This isn't an ebook telling you that you should charge exactly xyz, but an ebook giving you the proper steps on how to correctly figure the pricing that you need for your business model."


~ Jamie Pfister of The Adore Girls, Nashville, TN


Wow! If you’re like most photographers and struggle with pricing—whether you’re a new photographer or a seasoned pro who’s growing and feeling the need to evolve—this ebook is the answer to your prayers. Natalie will challenge the faulty ideas you may have picked up along the way, and then gently guide you in the right direction. Conversational, fun (who’d ever imagine a book on pricing could make you laugh??) and yet direct, her ebook quickly gets to the point about why and where we struggle; convincingly explains the psychology and emotional aspects of pricing; and then walks you through the process, step by step, so you can establish a

pricing system that works for YOU.


~ Susan Eckert, Boudoir Photographer/Author, Long Island, NY



"This book is a must-read for every photographer who struggles with pricing his or her work (and isn't that most of us?). This ebook is both practical and inspirational. But most importantly, it's immediately actionable. Pricing your work properly is soooo important, and Natalie hits it on the head with this incredibly helpful workbook and guide!"


~ Beth Claire of Lost Highway Imaging, Lisbon, CT



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