Welcome to the digital age, where Airbrush Retouching can enhance color and clarity, as well as create special artistic effects... But did you know that, if you wish, it can also erase, alter, or minimize: •stretch marks••body creases, rolls, lumps, & bumps••lines and wrinkles••scars••blemishes••under-eye bags••spider veins••freckles and moles••bruises, cuts, & scrapes••birthmarks••cellulite••tattoos••stray hairs••large pores• In the hands of a skilled photo retouch artist, digital airbrush retouching can make you look slimmer, shapelier, and more "toned". It can even out and enhance skin tones, smooth and soften the skin, add volume and shape to the hair, whiten teeth, enhance eye color and makeup, and even subtly reshape those "problem areas" you might be concerned about. That's right---All the tricks of the trade that magazine photo editors use to make top models look flawless can work for you too! Every woman deserves a little glamour and fantasy in her life, and that's where we come in. And here's the best part: With Natalie Kita - Boudoir, BOLDer™, Full Glamour Digital Airbrush Retouching is NOT an "extra".It is INCLUDED in all your finished photos! Furthermore, we don't use the automated portrait retouching software used by a lot of other boudoir photographers. We hand-retouch each photo individually, because YOU are special and unique! Finally, we just want to make it clear that our goal in retouching is NEVER to make you look like a different person. We don't try to make you look 30 lbs thinner or 20 years younger. We think you're beautiful, and we only want you to look like the most polished, sexy, glamorous, and gorgeous version of YOU! To accomplish this, we use great makeup and hair, body-type-specific posing and wardrobe selection, professional lighting techniques, and strategic camera angles... plus a just the right amount of Photoshop magic. See some examples of our glamour boudoir before and after transformations.                 Natalie is just the best! On top of being such a warm and loving person, she is an incredible photographer and a true professional! Her vast knowledge of boudoir and posing make any shoot a breeze so you can concentrate on being sexy! I am a curvy girl and she made me look like I was about 20 lbs lighter with her posing! My photographs are so incredibly GORGEOUS (I can't stop looking at myself!!) and so classy and tasteful while still being fun and a bit naughty! I cannot recommend Natalie enough![Aggie - NYC]  




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